Weighing Equipment Sales


Weighing Equipment Sales

We offer a range of retail scales from Excell, Avery, UWE, CAS, Digi and Bizerba most of the scales can have a scoop fitted if required.

We also offer a wide range of industrial scales to meet your needs from lab balances through to Platform scales.

Ideal for use in:
• Fruit and Veg Shops
• Sweet shops
• Butchers
• Fishmongers

We offer Label printing scales ideal for use on butchers counters or for pre-packing for distribution to your customers.

We also offer CAS and Avery scales that can be linked to approved cash registers or one of our EPOS systems.

Our best selling Excell FD retail scale offers weighing trade stamped weighing with dual range scales upto 6kg, upto 15kg and upto 30kg.
We also offer a wide range of industrial scales to meet your needs from lab balances through to Platform scales.

We also offer a wide range of weights for check weighing, which can be specified as trading standards verified. as well as a comprehensive range of loadcells.

Our range includes:-
 • laboratory balances
 • non approved check weighers
 • trade approved check weighers
 • counting scales
 • bench scales
 • postal scales
 • platform scales
 • pallet weighing scales
 • weigh beams
 • industrial platforms from 1000mm x 1000mm and weighing upto 5000kg
 • hanging scales
 • crane scales
 • overhead track scales
 • weighbridges
 • weighing indicators
 • label printing scales
 • remote displays
 • parcel scales
 • veterinary scales
 • medical scales

Due to the large variations in requirements for scales it would be best if you contact us to discuss your requirements so we can offer the best solution to your needs.

We offer scales from Avery, Salter, Radwag, T-Scale, Ian Fellows, Bizerba, UWE, Fidelity, Adam, Shinko Senshu, Kern, Soehnle, Nagata, Systec,Excell, Seca, Marsden as well as many others

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